Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning in Houston, Texas

Scrubbing your tiles all weekend can only leave you exhausted, without any noteworthy results. Times have changed and there is an easier way of doing stuff. By attempting to clean up your tiles all by yourself, you even risk damaging them. You may unknowingly use harmful chemicals and acidic substances, which don’t go well with the type of tile that you may have. In fact, most of them may momentarily make your tiles appear cleaner, but in the long run, it would appear old and faded. That’s because acidic substances can wash away a layer of your tiles, something that you must avoid. So unless you want to splash around some apple cider, and risk damaging your tiles, consider hiring our Experts to do your tile and grout cleaning in Houston, Texas. After all, cleaning tile and grout with homemade cleaning solutions simply don’t work, in fact, it can worsen the problem. Over a period of time, tile and grout accumulates a large amount of dirt and debris that enter through its pores, and stay there. This accumulation makes your floor appear darker and dirtier. When that happens, the best way to deal with it is by hiring professionals. To know more about our floor cleaning in Houston, Call Us on 8324435942.

Stain Removal

Most homes have tiled kitchens and bathrooms, and we understand that these areas are more prone to stains. Especially, if you have restless teenagers around, who are eager to try their hand at cooking, only to end up spilling most of it, staining the floor. No matter how old or new a stain is, Doctor Steam Houston can fix that up for you, and make your flooring appear brand new. To know more about our tile and grout cleaning in Houston, Texas, Call Us on 8324435942.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves for having an expert team, which is licensed and certified to do your tile and grout cleaning in Houston, Texas. With years of experience, we deliver nothing but the best floor cleaning in Houston. So no matter the type of tiles you have, or the amount of dirt stuck inside the grout, we can clean that up for you. We know which chemicals go best with a particular type of flooring, so you can be sure that hiring us would be your best bet. We begin by getting rid of the dirt, clean up your tiles, and finally apply a sealant. This ensures that your tile and grout remains clean for a longer period. So if you are ever in need of professional Tile and Grout cleaning in Houston, get in touch with one of our representatives. You can Call Us on 8324435942.

Tile and grout cleaning in Houston | The Process in Detail

Our tile and grout cleaning in Houston involves truck mounted steam cleaning. With that, we safely clean away the grime and dirt accumulated in between the tiles. The process is quite similar to Carpet Cleaning. We start by using heat and then add a cleaning solution to it. Once all the dirt and debris has been scrubbed off, it is all sucked up by a HEPA vacuum. Next, our Pros use a power washer to remove the entire grey stuff stuck in-between the tile and grout. Finally, we do the sealing by applying a sealant to the tile and grout. This protects it from mold and mildew, in the long run. For more details about our tile and grout cleaning in Houston, Texas, Call Us on 8324435942.
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We are one of the most reliable tile and grout cleaning companies in Houston, Texas. Also, we abide by the industry’s protocols and combine them with our in-house practices. When you hire us, you can be sure of long-term results. Now, this is just one of the many benefits that you derive by hiring us. As a matter of fact, over 80 percent of our clients revert back to us for other repair and maintenance services. After all, customer satisfaction is something that we strive for, and therefore provide you with the best possible services. You can contact one of our representatives and avail a no-obligation free quote. You can even consider scheduling an appointment online or Call Us on 8324435942.
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