Make your home safer with our Mold Remediation in Houston

You own your home, and you sure want that to be safe for yourself and for the ones you care about. However, if you or one of your family members constantly suffers from frequent allergies, then there is a high probability that you need mold remediation. In Houston, the climate gets warm, add in some moisture or a damp corner and you have the perfect breeding zone for mold spores. Getting rid of mold can be quite a task, mainly because you can’t really see them unless they’ve multiplied and formed a colony. Also, mold spores multiply in a span of days, so if they weren’t there a week ago, now you may very well be a victim of a serious mold infestation. However, if you reside in Houston, you need to avoid scammers, and a great way to do that is by hiring us. Doctor Steam is one of the most dependable companies, which can free your home from the pesky mold spores. Also, we are certified and licensed to do the job. To know more about our credentials and to hire us to do your mold remediation in Houston, Call Us on (806) 752-9556.

Where do Mold Spores Thrive

Mold spores have always been around and this is probably one of the ugliest truths that most companies doing mold remediation in Houston aren’t going to confess. A certain amount of mold is okay and causes no serious damage, but what you need to prevent is the rapid growth of mold spores. When we do mold remediation in Houston, we give due importance to certain places in your home that are known to be damp and warm. This includes your Air Duct, Dryer Vent, and also your Carpet. In fact, a water intrusion can also result in a damp area, which if left unattended, can eventually be infested by mold spores. To know more about our mold remediation in Houston, Texas, Call Us on (806) 752-9556.

Need for mold removal in Houston, Texas

Mold can result in serious health hazards, and this can get worse for individuals who are highly sensitive to mold. This generally includes those with a weak immune system or with conditions such as asthma or allergies. A point to note is that trying to clean away mold with regular homemade solutions or even bleach, won’t work. Doing this will only remove the discoloration, not the mold spores. To talk to one of our representatives, Call Us on (806) 752-9556.

Doctor Steam’s Mold Remediation in Houston, Texas

Our mold remediation in Houston involves four steps, which is mold inspection, mold containment, controlling humidity, and mold removal. Here’s a snapshot of what we do in each of these four steps involved in the process of mold remediation in Houston, Texas.
Mold Inspection
Once we arrive at your property, we run a mold test to check if you really need a mold removal. In Houston, we are known as one of the most reliable mold removal companies because if you don’t need our mold removal services, we tell you upfront.
Mold Containment
Mold spores can travel by air, and so we begin by first sealing the area, and preventing the mold from dispersing.
Controlling Humidity
Here, we identify and fix the source of dampness or moisture, which coupled with some warmth, provides the perfect breeding zone for mold. Once we have discouraged the further growth of mold spores, we begin the drying process. In this step, we make use of special dehumidifiers and air movers to safely remove moisture.
Removing Mold
Once the area is dry, Doctor Steam Houston will use a HEPA (High-efficiency particulate absorber) filtered vacuum. The HEPA filter can suck the smallest particles and retain it, thereby ensuring the circulation of pure air. After that, we wash and sanitize the surfaces with cleaning detergents, and suitable chemicals.
Why Us?
Doctor Steam Houston hires veterans with extensive experience in mold remediation, at Houston. Besides being certified and licensed to do mold treatments in Houston, our Experts also make use of innovative methods to provide long-term solutions. Further, we believe in earning your trust with our sincere efforts. To do that, we provide you with before and after mold removal photos. So if you wish to know more about out mold remediation in Houston, Texas, Call Us on (806) 752-9556.  
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