Save time by letting Doctor Steam do the Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning up your carpets can be a time-consuming chore and one that most people dread. If you are one of them, don’t fret. In Houston, carpet cleaning should be a cakewalk, with Doctor Steam Houston, all set to do the job for you. So whether you bought a new pet and are still potty training it, or you just threw a wild indoor party, don’t worry.

Once we arrive, our Experts get rid of all the stain and stink. What we leave behind are clean, hygienic and fresh carpets. Doctor Steam Houston is eager to extend its intensive carpet cleaning services in Houston, Texas. To know more about our carpet cleaning services in Houston, Call Us on (806) 752-9556.

Reasons to avoid doing your own carpet cleaning in Texas

Irrespective of what has stained your carpets, it would be wiser for you to avoid cleaning it up all by yourself. Your household detergents can very much, work against your carpets and destroy its fabric. So, in a bid to save up a measly sum, you may end up incurring an enormous expense in the form of carpet replacement. After all, the carpet cleaning services in Houston exists for a reason.  

Our Professionals are trained and make use of the best equipment to do your carpet cleaning in Houston. We know which chemical goes best for a particular stain, and we use it. Also, we make use of EPA approved chemicals, which are eco-friendly. To know more about our steam carpet cleaning in Houston, Call Us on (806) 752-9556.

Why Hire Us?

If you wish to hire licensed, certified and insured carpet cleaning in Houston, Texas, then you must know that we are all of that and more. Our experienced team has the knowledge and capability to restore your carpet to its finest. So no matter who spilled what! All you need to do is give us a ring and schedule a convenient time for us to drop by.

Also, we’d like to inform you that we provide insurance cover to all our employees, therefore, in case of an accident, you aren’t liable to pay any damages. Our services are designed to be fast and efficient, and we manage that by making use of the most innovative and resourceful equipment. After all, the maximum time is lost in drying up the carpets and so we make use of powerful dryers that help speed up the process. Since we use the finest equipment, your carpet cleaning in Houston becomes easy and effective.

Steam Carpet Cleaning | The Process

Doctor Steam Houston, steam cleans your carpets by using truck-mounted cleaner and dryer. This is a type of equipment that is mounted on the van or trailer. To clean carpets, a method called ‘hot water extraction’ is used. This involves spraying hot water, sometimes used with added cleaning solutions. Next, the excess water and dissolved dirt are vacuumed. Besides being a fast and efficient carpet cleaning method, it is also one the most recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Manufacturers’ recommend hot water extraction because it ensures a more intensive cleaning. For more details about our carpet cleaning in Houston, Texas, Call Us on (806) 752-9556.

Doctor Steam Houston knows how difficult it can be to return home to a filthy carpet. Now that does not make your indoor air any better. Plus, the foul odor is something that can easily put you in a foul mood. So whether it’s pet excreta, pet dander, dust, dirt or spills, we can take care of that.

Unfortunately, regular cleaning solutions won’t get rid of that terrible odor or dirt. You need something that’s strong, and at the same time does not wear down your carpet’s fabric. So don’t waste your time trying to clean up your carpets over the weekend. Doctor Steam Houston wants you to spend your weekends, having fun.

We take full responsibility of cleaning up your carpet, in the most effective way. Doctor Steam Houston uses a low-water method, which reduces the risk of mold growth underneath your carpet. Most steam cleaning companies leave behind excess water in your carpets, due to lack of advanced equipment. However, with us by your side, you need not worry about going through that. For further details, schedule your appointment with us, or Call Us on (806) 752-9556.

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